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Suburban MD, Baltimore & DC News

11-18-2019 No games at Champion November 19 or 267

Due to events and Holidays no Poker on Wednesday November 19 or 26 at Champion Billiards

11-18-2019 No games at Champion November 19 or 267

Due to events and Holidays no Poker on Wednesday November 19 or 26 at Champion Billiards

11-17-2019 Regional Qualifier List

Pam Adams John Adams Ian Alexander Emeka Anekwe Isam Ayoub Stan Bailey Filomena Baker Demetrius Bell Precious BEll Geralyn Boone Ron Boschini Diane Boschini Theresia Brown Daniel Butts Boston Campbell Jack Carlen Dewey Collins Brian Craven Andy Creedon Shane Demer Oscar Din Melissa Drgos Patrick Dunn Daniel Duran Edward Duval Ricky Edwards James Fairchild Emeklita fairchild Jim Fox Tim French Chris Fries Chico Gasaway Sherece Gasaway Tom Gentigini Dennis Gillen Joan Glock Diane Godar Paul Godwin Jay Gomberg Mitch Greenblat Shanay Gregory Paul Griever Bill Griever Phillip Harvin Dwight Hill Stanley Jacques Dennis (Jason) Dominic Janifer Erskine Johnson Janet Kiesgen Quinton Langford Gilbert Lim Kate Little John Lolley Marge Long Dennis Moberly Rawen Nephew Edward Nicosia Ken O'Conner Keisha Olson Craig Olson Carl Parks Felita Phillips Vance Rewolinski Linda Ropelewski Jacob Rzepka Christopher Sherman Michelle Sherman John Simmons Ty Simmons Kirk Smedley Jessica Snyder Sean Staub Tom Streett Charles Supha Will Tharps Kristen Torre Thomas Tredway Barbara Tredway Theodore Trueman Bill Van Horn Jason Watson Mark Wellman Larry Wellman Terraine Wiggins Doug Wingo Tad Yamada Natan Zfati

11-14-2019 Regional to be held December 7 2019

Regional will be held December 7, 2019 at Champion Billiards. Doors open at 11 play begins at 12. NO LATE ENTRIES. List to be posted later

10-09-2019 Gumbo Ya Ya games are cancelled

We will no longer be playing at Gumbo Ya Ya. Please be sure to thank that venue for having us and the professionalism they have exhibited. Keep your eyes out for a great new venue for our Germantown players.

05-23-2017 New prizes

You can now exchange your redemption chips for Champion Billiards Gift Cards. 5 chips gets you a 25 dollar gift card to enjoy your favorite menu items.

05-12-2017 New Regional Format

Beginning May 1, 2017 the Regional Format will be revised. Regional Tournaments will be held bi-monthly with new qualification standards. For those of you who indicated that bi-monthly means twice per month, the dictionary defines bi-monthly as twice per month or once every two months and ours is the latter. In order to qualify to play in Regional Events, a player must play at least 10 games in any qualifying period and must either have a win or must place in top 75 non-winning point totals. Bi-monthly tournaments will have a prize pool beginning at $1,000.00 and will increase as we add more venues. Best of Best will be eliminated as the lack of support for venues does not support this award. Annual events will occur each summer and will have a larger prize pool and will have a separate event for the top 50 point earners for the entire year. Those prize pools will be announced in Spring 2018. Annual point accumulation will run from May to April each year with Annuals in May or June.

09-02-2016 Bonus Structure

Beginning September 11, 2016 the traditional bonus structure will return. I have allowed the bonus structure to degrade thus removing the incentive to support our venues and league. Beginning on Sept 11 each player will receive a starter stack of 8,000 chips. Bonus cards, hats and shirts will be claimed at sign in. you will present your bonus cards, show your hat and your shirt(WORN , NOT CARRIED) and you will receive your bonus chips before the game commences. Once play commences no bonus chips will be given to players. Bonus chips will be given to late players thru the end of the Second Blind and nothing thereafter. Bonus Cards are 500 extra chips up to 2 cards per game. Hats are 500 and shirts are 500. Early birds(those there at least 20 minutes early) will receive a bonus card on sign in.

04-14-2015 Complaints/Compliments

For those of you who have complaints or compliments regarding Stars N Bars or any of the directors or venues they can be sent to me at I will try to respond within a short time

11-20-2014 Gambling

I have received complaints about potential wagering occurring during our games. We have a no tolerance policy regarding gambling and anyone caught will be suspended permanently, no exceptions.